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The power of augmented reality.
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When it comes to Tech, you've often heard "the future is now". What does it exactly mean? It entails that with today's technology, you can create businesses, find use cases, and develop creative experiences. For most AR/XR designers, we are at the same tipping point as we were back in the early 2000s regarding web design. Now, imagine the revolution!

The vast majority of GAFAs have already put AR-VR into their agenda (hardware or software). As a matter of fact, 20% of the Facebook team is dedicated to AR/VR today.



of the Facebook team
is dedicated to AR/VR today¹




expected to be spent worldwide
in 2024, in AR/VR²

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is shaking things up. AR is a powerful technology that redefines all concepts, allowing you to view virtual elements in the real world — with your phone today and with glasses tomorrow. A whole new space to create, to interact, to bring life to your ideas, to design, to prototype, to produce, to create new narratives or universes, and so much more.

AR Market

The daily marketing-retail-ads packages are based on digital content (photos, videos, graphics for social) a website, or maybe through an app. You have now to count on AR experiences. According to Statistica, the AR market will increase from $3.5 billion in 2017 to more than $198 billion in 2025.  — in comparison, the website creation market (services + platforms) is currently estimated at $60 billion.³

This growth is easily explained by the fact that AR experiences are 200% more engaging than traditional content — in comparison, it's engages 45% higher than TV.

The most engaging story,
is the one you're immersed in.

AR Experiences

Face filters were leading the path for the last 3 years, in terms of AR experiences. Today, consumers are now ready to go further into AR experiences by sharing virtual experiences with the rest of the world.

In fact, 75% of the shoppers expect AR from retailers. Moreover, 60% of US adults are more likely to buy a product that integrates an AR experience.


AR is revolutionizing the creative and marketing industries. Immersive experiences are directly connected to viewers' emotions and memories as the experiences unfold. These story-living experiences have "never-seen before" levels of engagement.

50% of consumers have better brand recall or recollection through immersive ads, 47% claim they were more connected to products.

AR for Gen Z

AR is opening a new market with new needs for UX, UI, apps, and experiences. With the arrival of new devices progressively replacing or complementing our smartphones, all website and apps will need their equivalent in AR.

79% of the GenZ will be very likely to buy an AR device for everyday use (58% of the consumers in general). What will they do, shop, experience on these new devices? It is yours to design, create and share.

Start experiencing with consumers now — early adopters, and especially GenZ. You can simultaneously stand out from the crowd and prepare your business for the future.

Ease your work.
To bring life to your best ideas.

Minsar Studio

Make your AR project shine and stand out. Thanks to Minsar Studio, you can design and prototype in full VR immersion studio. Then share your experience in AR with just a click.

As a productivity and creativity app, our goal is to make you save time (and money) each step of way (creation, designing and publishing).

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Prototype & Renderings

Prototyping and quick renderings are the keys for rapid iterations, enabling you to be understood by your teams or clients, turning an idea into a live project. Minsar Studio allows you to quickly go from your idea to crafting your immersive experience within minutes.

Design in VR

We believe the VR → AR workflow is the best way to design or prototype engaging immersive experiences.

“There is no way to know if something would work or not until you experience it. And the easiest way is to build it yourself (...) iterating fast is the key to growth.”

Volodymyr Kurbatov

Product Designer (AI, VR, AR)

AR-VR-XR Designer

A set of skills seems to be required to start creating AR or VR experiences.

If you master or have some notions in UX, UI (even flat), and/or 3D, you will be able to quickly design and share your first AR experiences with Minsar Studio without any difficulty.  We allow to alleviate the AR and VR difficulties.


No need to master Unity or Unreal Engines, Minsar Studio eases your job. You don't endless "back-and-forth" between design and dev teams to finish a project. Reducing these iterations is the key, not only to save time and money but to move at a faster pace.

Thanks to this, you'll discover that you can improve your ideas and designs in AR and create higher-value experiences.


This brand-new technology allows you to publish your experience using any web browser. It's simply the most powerful sharing platform available  — without the need to download any App.

This feature is now available with Minsar for most of the experiences built using Minsar Studio.

Success Story

Atomic Digital Design for Satoshi

“Getting started is extremely quick and easy, which allowed me to create a virtual universe around our sneakers in a very short time. ”

Nicolas Romero

Founder, Satoshi Studio

Image anchor for augmented and virtual reality

Image Anchor

Take your business card, your magazine, your poster, your print ad, or your website to the next level. Superimpose an immersive experience to any image to bring life to them.

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Success Story

8iGB for London Fashion Week

“It was important for me to have an innovative support to present my collection.”

Ruben Bissoli

Fashion Designer, 8iGB

Transparent Video

Transparent videos are a great assets allowing to create the illusion of motion and animated character without a 3D object. Shot on a green screen or build using a computer, transparent videos (.alpha) are ideal to create "holographic" effects that blow your mind.

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Success Story


“Taking the creativity to another step, Minsar Studio 2.0 is bringing the Oculus compatibility. Launched last October, the Oculus Quest 2 is the perfect device to use Minsar Studio.”

Steven Passaro

Fashion Designer, Passaro

Image anchor for augmented and virtual reality

Image Anchor

Take your business card, your magazine, your poster, your print ad, or your website to the next level. Superimpose an immersive experience to any image to bring life to them.

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Success Story

Ben Eliott

“My Little Friend's first outings are as an Instagram face filter and an online exhibition that uses augmented reality to highlight the cute, minimal and technical features of the character through an "immersive experience" online.”

Ben Elliot


Video 360

The power of virtual immersion in AR. Import a 360° environment (image or video) in Minsar Studio to create a virtual immersion in a minute. Abstract worlds, apartments, landscapes or gallery, you can go everywhere.

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Scan the QR code with your phone to open the experience.

The power of AR & VR to create engaging dreamy worlds for brands.

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Success Story

Manon Beyer

“Augmented reality allows to explore the link between the print and the digital”

Manon Beyer

Art Director

Image anchor for augmented and virtual reality

Image Anchor

Take your business card, your magazine, your poster, your print ad, or your website to the next level. Superimpose an immersive experience to any image to bring life to them.

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Success Story

Nicolas Barrome

“It seems to be indispensable to move forward in my work, to open new doors.”

Nicolas Barrome

Street Artist

Spatial Anchor

Powered by Azure Spatial Anchors technology by Microsoft, this anchor scans your environment and attaches your experience to a specific location.

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No-code AR/VR: A Future for Creators with Nicolas Barrome

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Success Story

CADAF (Digital & Crypto Art Fair)

“AR art is faster to become a more popular item than VR within the digital art market and something that is more approachable to collectors.”

Elena Zavelev

Founder of CADAF (Crypto and Digital Art Fair) and Digital Art Month

Success Story

Les Napoleons

“Culture must be ahead of its time. It says something about what we are trying to achieve with technologies, new uses, in order to facilitate access to Culture, and engage audiences to try new things..”

Mondher Abdennadher

Co-Founder of Les Napoleons


No app, no friction. Easy access for your audience through a simple web browser.

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Success Story

NDA Paris

“Minsar allows rendering new life to assets, pushing and creating new limits.”

Melvyn Bonnaffé

Co-Founder of NDA Paris

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