What's next for Minsar

Discover the upcoming features and changes that are in the works.

Improved onboarding

Each update now brings additional contextual tutorials, video tutorials, tooltips, and more guidance to help discover and learn Minsar's features.

More creative possibilities

We provide an increasing set of triggers, actions, compatible assets and options, that allow the creation of the most engaging and interactive AR/VR experiences, all without code.

Edit AR content in VR

After years of research, we determined the best way to create AR content was in VR. Minsar Studio will soon allow creators to simulate different environments, devices, lighting conditions, or even remotely edit a location-based experience using a scan!

Ubiquitous distribution

Minsar experiences are viewable in apps and websites. Developers will be able to interact with these experiences using the SDK to build highly-dynamic XR content. Combined with Spatial Anchors and the upcoming multiplayer features, Minsar is becoming a Metaverse-as-a-Service platform.