June 11, 2020

Celebrating Pride Month with Minsar!

This month is Pride Month, but at Minsar we have pride year-round. Diversity is a crucial part of our company identity and we encourage our team to express themselves fully and feel no judgment.

The month of June was chosen as Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots of 1969, which were a response to a violent police raid on a gay bar. This year it is especially important to us that we stand in solidarity with LGBTQI+ people of color and the black community, and fight against the disproportionate discrimination that they face. At Minsar we celebrate pride year-round, but this month is extra important for emphasizing diversity and inclusion. For this year's pride month we assembled a collection of testimonials from our team members.


β€œAt Minsar we strongly believe that diversity is the key to success. We envision a future where no one should lose an opportunity due to their race, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, or religion. These differences bring us richness and we must count on them to move us forward. We envision a future where women and minorities holding positions of power is the norm, and having fair access to resources for developing businesses or pursuing education is a standard. At Minsar we are committed to protecting our LGBTQI+ community & all of our minority employees. We hope for a future where we no longer need to fight for these rights because they will already be embraced. πŸŒˆβœŠπŸΏβœŠπŸΎβœŠπŸ½βœŠπŸΌβœŠπŸ»βœŠπŸ’œβ€

Soraya, CEO


β€œI would never work in a company where I wouldn't be able to express myself as a queer person or feel uncomfortable to talk with colleagues honestly. But in Minsar, it's even better! I feel like I'm working in a safe space at every moment; professional meetings or simple chats with all the members of the Minsar team from the marketing to the dev team. We are not faking 'pride' just during one month of the year, I feel like we are 'proud' all year long and I think that's why I'm comfortable to work here but also why I'm more efficient because I'm free to fully express myself.”

Gaetan, Communications

β€œWorking at Minsar is great because it's the first time I have a job where I am fully comfortable being who I am. I know that my company will always stand up for me and support the rights of me and my family. Plus working with not just one other LGBTQI+ person, but many, is a dream come true. At Minsar we are proud 🌈 all year long!”

Saila, Marketing


"I'm supporting every movement promoting equal rights for everyone and I'm proud to be in a company that is open-minded regarding these questions."

Badr, Product Development

β€œI feel that saying that I support the LGBTQAI+ cause is stating the obvious. But it shows in itself how much our society is sick : we shouldn't have to claim that we support something which is absolutely natural, that is to say loving another person, or two, or three, and being at peace with who we want, how we feel to be. Minsar represents a place of freedom and open-mindedness which remains very difficult to find in this world, even in our 21st century society. I am deeply proud to work there, and to be part of that freedom, to be actively fighting to defend the oppressed. May the example of Minsar shine and inspire many others, towards a better world, where no one is ever in danger for expressing their love, identity or belief.”

Maelys, Customer Support


β€œPleasant to work in a healthy and caring environment. Everyone is free to be who they are.”

Bertrand, Product Development

β€œI love that everybody is encouraged to be themselves at Minsar, and that my LGBTQAI+ colleagues feel safe to talk openly about their experiences without feeling judgment. In this day and age, nobody should feel they have to hide an important aspect of their identity, but unfortunately that is still the reality in many companies. I’m so glad that Minsar is not one of those companies, and that we embrace all differences instead.”

Adessa, Marketing

β€œI love working at Minsar because we don't care about labels, we only care about each other!”

Alexia, User Experience & Product Design

β€œThe open-mindedness at Minsar is very ubiquitous and it's very cool to contribute to it :)”

Morgane, Product Development

"I love knowing that at Minsar you can have some wonderful conversations, beyond sharing how you like your coffee. Because it is the way it should be: talking about things like sexuality and sexual orientation casually and openly."

Maurane, User Experience Research


β€œMinsar respects our freedom to be who we are”

Eric, Product Development

β€œAt Minsar we pride ourselves to embrace all diversities and beliefs. We see beyond prejudice and judgement. As one of our company Pillars states: benevolence and support are key !!”

Edmond, Sales


"One of our company pillars is 'One for all', and I am glad that it isn't just some words written somewhere but a mindset that everyone at Minsar embraces. Inclusiveness and common pride can be felt from everyone on the team, and it's a fantastic sensation to know you can be yourself without any worry."

Claudio, Product Development


"I really feel Minsar is a place where you can work in a positive and warm atmosphere whoever you are, whatever your gender or sexual orientation are."

AndrΓ©a, Product Development


"I'm really proud to be part of the Minsar team. It feels amazing to be in a team that does not judge who you are and deeply cares about being inclusive!"

Tom, Product Development


We are honored to see the outpouring of support from our colleagues here at Minsar and we are proud to be a place where our team feels safe to express themselves freely. We will always strive to promote inclusivity and diversity and will accept nothing less.