November 19, 2020

We have something to show you. Join us for Virtuality 2020!

Minsar will attend Virtuality this year again! We have a lot to show you!

Join a 24-7 virtual event

Minsar will attend Virtuality this year again for its fourth edition.

But this year, Virtuality is evolving by becoming a complete online event, keeping its main goal: help boosting businesses. A brand-new virtual event format tackled by a team of specialists from both the event sector and virtual world professionals. Indeed Virtuality and Teemew (Manzalab) have teamed up to develop this platform.

A tangible answer facing the consequences brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With the consequences of the sanitary crisis on this industry, it has become necessary to create new event formats. The situation has compelled this sector to innovate and stay active, in order to survive.

“We have studied all digital solutions currently available for business showrooms’ organisers, and we were not able to find any suitable solution for our needs and quality standards. We had to find a viable business model in order to offer an adapted experience to our clients’ professional needs. Teemew’s team perfectly understood our issue and we immediately started producing Virtuality Experience. This solution will soon be deployed and adapted to many other professional events, if needed.” - Olivier Godest, CEO Virtuality

A complete reproduction of a physical event

From home, Virtuality’s visitors will be able to move inside a virtual universe and organize similar activities from the ones organized during the physical event: visiting booths and discussing with exhibitors, networking, exchanging virtual business cards or attending conferences.

🤓 Fun fact : with just a single selfie, you will be able to create your own photorealistic avatar in a few seconds!

Minsar is partnering with Microsoft

Minsar was invited by Microsoft to join as a partner for Virtuality. This long-lasting partnership with Microsoft began at the fondation of Minsar in 2016. Minsar was one of the first European company to introduce HoloLens to the French market. Today, this partnership goes further. Minsar Studio uses the power Azure Spatial Anchors technology to create incredible Location Based Experiences for Events company or cultural institutions. Available on HoloLens2, Minsar Studio also allows creative professionals to create immersive thanks to Mixed Reality.

December 4, 3:30-4:00pm CET, Microsoft's Auditorium

Soraya Jaber will host a keynote about "The Challenge of getting XR content for a billion users"

Don't miss Minsar during Virtuality

December, 2

6:00 - 6:30pm CET:  "How is the feminine touch shaping XR?"

with our CEO & co-founder, Soraya Jaber

Auditorium A

December, 3

11:00am - 12:00pm CET: a 5min pitch to "Create marketing/communication value with XR"

with Gaetan Cerrillo, our head of Communication & Partnerships

Auditorium A

December, 4

- 10:30 - 11:30am CET: a 5min pitch to talk about "XR Content dedicated to Location Based Entertainment"

with Maëlys Jusseaux, XR artist & Researcher

Auditorium B

- 2:00 - 2:30 pm CET: Panel Talk designed by Minsar: "Design communication campaigns with XR technologies"

with Andy Fidel (Social Experience Strategist) , Melvyn Bonnaffé (NDA Paris), Marion Carré (Ask Mona), Ivano Salonia (XR Artist) and Isabelle Rabier (Jolimoi)

Auditorium A

- 3:30-4:00pm CET: Keynote, "The Challenge of getting XR content for a billion users"

with Soraya Jaber, CEO & co-founder of Minsar

Mircorsoft's Auditorium

- 3:30-4:30pm CET: a 5min pitch "How to provide a solution for cultural events and venues regarding sanitary restrictions?"

with Maëlys Jusseaux, XR artist & Researcher

Auditorium B

Everyday, 3:00-4:00pm CET, Minsar's Auditorium  

Maelys Jusseaux will host 3 Masterclasses to demonstrate how to use Minsar Studio and design AR/VR experiences in a minute! ⏱

Practical infos

Available on PC, Mac and Oculus Quest

From December 2nd ,10am CET, to Friday Decemeber 4th, 6pm CET

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