Create your holographic scenography and presentations

We've been living with screens and creating bidimensional content for decades. In the coming years, mixed reality will change the world and how we interact with it.
Holostoria is here to help you transform your content in a holographic experience.

Preorders for HoloStoria start in September

engage your customers

Increase your sales with holograms around your products. Give your customers the information they need : traceability, details of the product, tutorials, solutions.

present and impress

Impress your team and partners with an interactive and dynamic presentations. With Holostoria, access a variety of tools to create a captivating experience. Set your data in real time, control the flow of your speech with a intuitive timer and adapt your slides previously prioritized.

augmented museum

Informations animate as holograms placed in the environment, allowing an interactive and more pleasant experience.

fashion and showcase

Bring holograms into your fashion showroom. Discover a new way to shop your favorite piece of clothes. Get all the characteristics, get the look, get the style. Holostoria helps you create your own mixed reality fashion experience.

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