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Our mission is to accelerate the transition to the Spatial Computing era.
Read the story of Opuscope, the team behind Minsar Studio, Wanderland & Mappn.

Telling stories with technology

Founded in 2016, our mission is to reinvent how we interact with people and places using augmented and virtual reality.

We raised 8M€ and partnered with industry leaders to accelerate the democratization of the real-world metaverse, by building essential technological components and a range of apps.


Minsar Studio

The no-code AR content creation and distribution platform.

Design augmented reality in VR.
"I use apps such as Minsar to adapt my creations to a completely immersive universe"
Ines Alpha
3D Artist
no code


AR experiences are



more engaging

Less than



to build a prototype of your experience

More About AR

Keep your usual software companions to create your files to import in Minsar Studio.


Connecting people and places with an augmented reality app that lets you experience the world through the eyes of artists and creators.

Built for artists of all horizons

Wanderland is a playground for artists and content creators.

It lets them add easily 3D models, photos, videos, tweets, NFTs, and GIFs on the map and explore other people's creations!

Everyone can create, there are endless possibilities.

Sketchfab feature

Our Sketchfab integration gives you access to hundreds of thousands of 3D models.

No need to be a 3D artist or expert, all you need is a spark of inspiration and creativity. 💜

Shared (augmented) reality with the world

During the VivaTech 2023, thousands of visitors had a glimpse of an art exhibition in the real-world metaverse.

That's just a sneak peek of how AR
can reshape storytelling. 📖

Our vision didn't stop there.

Let us introduce ⤵️

The location-based social app that helps you
create more meaningful connections between friends and favorite spots.

Your favorite spots, friends, and life moments are all in one app

Join us on this journey of discovery and map out your world with endless possibilities. ✨
Building the real-world metaverse, one project at a time.

If you got this far, you probably guessed what we're doing.

We're building the foundation of our future shared augmented reality!

Get involved with us and be a part of this exciting journey to shape the future of technology.

*Beta available for selected partners.

oculus hand controller


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