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October 6, 2020

Who are the AR Creators?

They are all around us! Maybe you haven’t crossed paths with them yet, or you don’t know who they are. Maybe you are one yourself and you don’t even know it yet!

Who are the so-called "AR Creators"?

They are all around us! Maybe you haven’t crossed paths with them yet, or you don’t know who they are. Maybe you are one yourself and you don’t even know it yet!

AR creators are some of the most gifted, creative, avant-garde digital talents. It’s no coincidence that Instagram highlights them with a special feature: filters — or « effects » if you want to speak the Instagram language 😉

Filters are the ultimate trend of this new digital era, bringing us futuristic make-up, games around your face, snapshot green screen… the list goes on and on. Filters are THE greatest trend of social networks.

Following in the footsteps of Snapchat lenses in 2017, Instagram launched their own filter feature in 2019. The social network relies on the creativity and the talent of its users to create those filters in augmented reality. From the effect gallery to a highlighted space on the user profile, the challenge seems to be taken up! But which challenge?

The challenge to integrate and give access to the use of this new technology: Augmented Reality. Using SparkAR software (built in-house by Facebook), creators can develop their experiences, provided they have moderate 3D and animation skills. At the end of the day, many aspiring creators do not have experience in these fields.

Editor’s note: Great Instagram account discovered during my research for this article - to follow now! 😉 While you're at it, check out this article of Numerama.

Indeed, using and sharing filters is really easy! Everyone who has ever used them can testify to that. Creating these filters, on the other hand, can be quite tricky 🤯 This is where Minsar Studio enters the game, standing by your side to help you create with AR in AR! Let me explain. We’ve built an app for you to create directly in your environment in real-time (that is to say, in augmented reality) with a simple drag-and-drop for all your assets.

According to Soraya Jaber, CEO and co-founder of Minsar: "Minsar Studio is made for creating in 3D in your environment. We evolve within the environment in 3D, with everyday 3D objects all around us. Today we have the power to create directly in an immersive environment, so why should we keep doing it in 2D?"

After creating your filter or experience in Minsar Studio, all you have to do is export your content on SparkAR, and then publish your AR filter on Instagram where it will be used and shared!

Soraya Jaber Frenchweb podcast
Click the image to hear Soraya Jaber on Frenchweb's podcast

Some talents are already leading figures on the AR Creator market, like Ines Marzat aka @ines.alpha who defines herself as a 3D makeup artist. She has already collaborated with Burberry, Nike, Dior, and Koché, as well as some artists like Joanna, Yelle, and Charli XCX.

"The number one platform for trying on makeup in 3D today is filters. Everyone can see them on social media, which is crazy. Filters have been available on Instagram for one year, on snap chat for two years and in augmented reality for a long time already. The technology is advancing quickly." — Inès Marzat for Konbini Arts

Click the image above to see more by Inès Marzat

Brands and artists already understand the value of this phenomenon, and it’s only just the beginning! Beauty, fashion, in every field of creation, 3D is infiltrated everywhere; because it’s more flexible — certainly — but also because it meets with ecological imperatives. The development of software such as Clo3D or even entirely digital designers like The Manufacturer, alternatives are emerging and that feels good, seen more in the current context!

"For me, innovation is applying know-how to modern technologies. Our development process is digitally oriented while applying traditional cutting methods. Using augmented reality is the logical next step to transform this process into an interactive experience, especially in today's context"- Steven Passaro

It is also for the alternative he represents, that we collaborated with designer Steven Passaro for the launch of his SS21 collection. The only watchword: renew fashion practices, at all levels!

So many digital talents who challenge our standards of beauty, our vision of "reality", or our relationship to our environment. Putting this technology in everyone's hands then becomes essential. Not only so that it is not captive of an elite technique, but so that it allows the creation of content to all those who want it and not to all those who can!

Minsar is a collaborative no-code platform used to create and share augmented and virtual reality experiences. The application is fully cross-platform and currently available on iOS, Android, HoloLens 2, Magic Leap, and Oculus Quest. Minsar users can now publish AR content directly on social media with the click of a button through SparkAR!

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